Hello Fine Furry Friends

As I embark on my three month trip into the countries of Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, I thought it would be cool to have a public platform of information sharing. I will hopefully be able to come to this blog to post fun pictures and recount some of the interactions and experiences that are soon to come to reality! I will also be documenting the various stages of hair growth on my body as I am exposed to differing regions of elevation hoping to change the dynamic, and if I can bargain for it, shape, of my natural foliage.
I am amounting more and more beautiful excitement and fantastical anticipation as the departure date grows near, as I have the incredible opportunity to converse with multiple individuals about their own personal experiences, I hope to share one with you I will hold close and dear for the rest of my life.
Peace and Love until I cross the border!
Wish me luck Donald.

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