Shameless plug for gap-year, hope this positively benefits someone

Sunday nights are similar to how phenomenal drinking coffee is for the movement of my digestive system, angelic. This Sunday evening has been ideal comfort produced from activities I have come to appreciate whole heartedly this year, extremely simple, mundane practices, from reading a comic book and watching the sun set to biking to get ice cream and making popcorn, little things that didn’t used to mean a whole lot. As fundamentally basic as those activities sound they really have become bright spots in my life where other more unintentionally present circumstances lurk into my conscious. Taking the form of many unpleasant realities, there is quite a lot to be unhappy about in the world, just walking down the street or being present in a public establishment can give you an array of reasons to want to impale a lot of things with forks. Within all the shit that proceeds throughout our day there do always seem to be a few bright spots in which to cling on to, to attempt to lengthen as long as possible and wring every ounce of enjoyment of. But, for the reason of a lot of people in our world de valuing these activities, I am wanted to write this.

I was making popcorn after completing checklist activities for college when it dawned on me that this decision of going to college, pursing higher education, and spending inordinate amounts of money on that education was genuinely my decision. And of course everything is our decision when it boils down to it. We decide to get out of bed every morning, we decide to brush our teeth, we decide that maybe I can wear these pair of underpants for another day, but it sometimes seems as if the decisions aren’t really our own at all. Preparing senior year for whatever it was I wanted to do after high school, the whole process felt incredibly structured, to an unbreakable point . Appearing to be a part of the structure itself, not within it. That going to high school and then college was an irrefusable reality, and no one really questioned it. And not that going to college after high school is a bad thing what so ever, for some individuals it is the best thing! But I can only speak from my experience, and that experience is that I have learned and lived out the best, most fulfilling year of my life, and it didn’t involving going to college or a structured education. More in this year than ever I have gained essential tools of life that I can’t imagine living without furthering myself as a person in whatever way I see fit. Taking a step back from the crazy fast paced societal expectations that are placed on us throughout our upbringing and considering what really matters has been remarkable. The reason I say this is because I think too often we feel as if we are in an unescapable path of life that seduces back into its clutches every time we consider leaving. And taking a gap year firmly implanted in me that removing myself from the path benefited me in ways I would have never imagined. Meeting individuals I would have never known existed, falling in love with another family miles away from your own, eating food and engaging in traditions far out of your comfort zone. All these things that make you want to get out of bed every morning and wonder what unexpected occurrence you might experience that day! It gives you reasons to put up with horrid activities knowing the next one will make you feel like you are floating on air, not knowing the bounds of happiness. There is so much to experience and be happy about that if you aren’t totally satisfied with what life has brought you so far, don’t let that deter you from wanting more and feeling more every day! Adventure is out there! You just have to go find it.

Often cases gap years are cheaper than a semester or year at college and I believe has the potential to be many times more beneficial. There are an amazing amount of people that care about making that a reality for students everywhere in life, not just after high school. DO IT! YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

And if there are any questions whoever may be reading this has and wants to ask please feel free to message me or whatever form of contact tosses your salad the most.


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